Wednesday, November 18th, 2015
7:30pm - 10:30pm | New World Center

100 + Entrepreneurs participate in 2015 education programs at Harvard and Stanford

Endeavor partnered with Harvard Business School and Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business to organize a week of programming focused on leadership, innovation and management training for select groups of high-impact Endeavor Entrepreneurs. During the two programs, the entrepreneurs stayed on campus to engage in several days of guest lectures and discussion groups custom-designed by university faculty. The participants were given access to the world-class resources and expertise of each leading institution while also networking and sharing insights with their fellow entrepreneurs and Endeavor staff.


Endeavor Entrepreneurs at Harvard

Harvard’s Program took an in-depth approach to helping participating entrepreneurs identify opportunities for innovation and growth in their own businesses while honing key leadership skills. More than 50 entrepreneurs from 40 companies took courses with top HBS professors on topics ranging from sales and marketing to valuation and financing. The entrepreneurs were able to pour through HBS case studies and participate in small team sessions that enabled them to learn from each other and strategically address industry and market opportunities. The entrepreneurs also enjoyed various social networking events and a “pitch contest” that allowed them to address one another’s business challenges.

stanford 2015

Endeavor Entrepreneurs at Stanford

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, the Innovation & Growth program at Stanford drew from the best of GSB’s world-class network to help Endeavor Entrepreneurs learn to build leading companies in a competitive global marketplace. Participants from over 40 Endeavor Entrepreneur companies had the chance to develop core competencies to help them transform their businesses, manage growth and improve corporate culture. In its fourth year, the Stanford program introduced a new curriculum that has moved away from leadership to focus on topics related to innovation and scale. The Stanford campus and Silicon Valley also provided an extraordinary setting with access to the area’s leading tech hubs. Highlights of the week included a design thinking workshop and group discussions designed around addressing challenges unique to entrepreneurs.